You may not look very often at your fingernails, but did you know that your fingernails can tell you a lot about your health? Do you know there are hundreds of medical conditions and diseases that can cause nail changes? Your nails can show the history of recent health and physiological problems, and has been used as a diagnostic tool since ancient times.

Sometimes it might be a fungal infection or injury, but your fingernails can sometimes indicate a more serious underlying problem, such as problem in the liver, lungs or heart.

When the nails are healthy, they have a pink color and the moons near the nail base are light pink to white color. Healthy nails are smooth, without ridges, grooves, spots or discoloration.

But what happens if you see that your nails have changed in color, shape, texture, thickness or any other unusual growth pattern, and you don’t know the reason for that? Well, maybe it’s time to visit your GP.

Here you will learn how to read the signs on your nails and discover the secrets they tell you about your overall health:

There are many different diseases in this world and there many signs and symptoms to go with them. Your nails may be telling you that you have a disease.

  1. Spoon nail: if your nails curve like a spoon, this could be a sign that you have too much iron, an iron deficiency or a heart disease.
  2. Pale nail: if they are pale in color, then you could be suffering from anemia, congestive heart failure, diabetes, liver disease or malnutrition.
  3. Grooved nail: If they have grooves in them you could have psoriasis.
  4. Cracked nail: if your nails crack easily and they crack regularly, you could be deficient in protein, folic acid, and vitamin C. Cracked nails are usually associated with chronic nourishing and can lead to psoriasis.
  5. Thick nail: having thick nails is not common or natural so if they are thicker you could have lung problems.
  6. Dark lines: if you have a dark line or lines under your nails, you could have melanoma. These dark lines look like bruises, but can be very serious if not checked out immediately.